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Turn off the News and Love Your Neighbor

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

My neighbor is a Trump supporter who waves his Trump flag proudly outside of his house. I am a liberal who tries to be fair but I know I struggle with my biases. Today I passed his house and we warmly said “hi” to each other.

I was frightened at first truthfully remembering what happened on Wednesday, but then I saw his cats and my heart melted. I remembered he was my neighbor, the tough guy with tattoos that lives near me but has the sweetest, weirdest kitties in the world. Perhaps it was the same for him, remembering the petite Indian cat-obsessed girl his cats love who also just happens to be a diehard liberal.

What we need more than ever is some semblance of unity, love, and peace. A remembrance of our common humanity and what matters more than power-hungry politicians or political parties.

Don’t let the rhetoric of divisiveness and hatred fuel the violence that is making our nation implode.

Disagree and argue in a civil way, but please goddamn remember our common humanity for the sake of our democracy.

My Trump-supporting friends, I do not understand you and I am hurt and admittedly frightened by your beliefs. But I won’t delete you on social media or cut you off. You are fellow Americans and humans. Let’s try to create a bridge, empathize with each other’s pain, and remember each other’s humanity again.

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